Who am i?

My name is Peter Floor Kousgaard. I work professionaly in IT where i am head of an it depart at a local school. In my spare time however i love to visit new places, try new things and take pictures. I created this site to share these thing with you. the concept is farely simple. Every where i go i take 14 pictures that has to represent that and really give the excens of beign there. This includes everything from food, to nature and attractions. Under albums youll find one album with 14 pictures and a small description for each photo. I hope you enjoy my content.





"one damn beautiful city, filled with romance, greate views, water and good food".



"the city i live, the city i love, the city that changed my life".



"A beautiful island i nthe middle of the city".

Meet me, any where anytime


The biggest challenge of my work, is to find places to visit without breaking my bank. If you know a place, or maybe want to show me a place i am all ears.